EU must boost defence cooperation

Written by Christian Moos on 21 August 2017

The EU must be more strategic when thinking about military capabilities, writes Christian Moos.

Could Brexit lead to an increase in animal experiments?

Written by Jan Creamer on 21 August 2017

There are concerns that regulations on animal experiments could be lost after Brexit, writes Jan Creamer.

MEPs' Interrail proposal would come at huge cost

Written by Alexander Fiuza on 10 August 2017

Brexit has motivated the architects of a federal Europe not to re-think, but to double-down on their own propaganda, claims Alexander Fiuza.

Oman: Friend of all, enemy of none

Written by Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat on 3 August 2017

Due to the turmoil in the Middle East and in the Gulf, regard should be given to Oman as the only peaceful and internationally active actor, writes Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat. 

EU has enormously benefitted UK universities and students

Written by Christina Slade on 2 August 2017

Connections into Europe fostered by the European Union have been enormously valuable for the UK, writes Christina Slade.

Brexit talks failing to address citizens' rights

Written by Kristina Howells on 1 August 2017

The position of expatriate EU citizens living in the UK and that of UK citizens living in other EU member states has singularly failed to be addressed, writes Kristina Howells. 

Brexit: What legal implications for the culture and education sectors?

Written by Giandonato Caggiano on 31 July 2017

Giandonato Caggiano guides us through the legal intricacies of Brexit and the culture and education sectors.

Brexit and UK general election: What unintended consequences for Theresa May?

Written by Andrew Duff on 28 July 2017

The UK general election has provided Theresa May with one final shot at Brexit, writes Andrew Duff.

Quick and easy lessons to learn as Europe navigates new waters

Written by Shada Islam on 27 July 2017

Political changes in three key western democracies have obvious and important repercussions for their own citizens - but they also impact strongly on Europe and the world, writes Shada Islam.

Why we need a stronger Europe, with regions at the heart of delivering solutions

Written by Eleni Marianou on 26 July 2017

Earlier this year, the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) launched its own reflection on the future of Europe, set within the wider context of the debate at EU level, explains Eleni Marianou.