EU and UK must urgently address consequences of Brexit on regions

Written by Eleni Marianou on 20 December 2017

The potentially damaging effects of Brexit on Europe's regions remains absent from negotiations between the EU and UK, says Eleni Marianou.

Azerbaijan: A new energy and transport hub between Europe and Asia

Written by Ceyhun Osmanli on 24 November 2017

The new the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway is good news for the EU, says Ceyhun Osmanli.

Unpaid internships: The EU institutions can - and should - do better

Written by Bryn Watkins on 10 November 2017

On International Interns Day, the European Parliament is both a champion and a hypocrite, writes Bryn Watkins.

Terrorism in Pakistan: The Implications for the EU’s GSP+ programme

Written by MEPs Jussi Halla-aho & Nicolas Bay on 26 October 2017

Pakistan’s disregard to the Islamic terrorism ripping through its cities is inexcusable, argue MEPs Jussi Halla-aho and Nicolas Bay

Artur Mas: We are determined to create a Catalan state

Written by Adrià Salvador Palau and Jon Roozenbeek on 2 October 2017

The former President of Catalonia, Artur Mas, discusses what Catalan independence could mean for Spain and the EU and what lies ahead for possible future negotiations.

Brexit process has revealed both the EU's solidarity and its worth, argues Giles Merritt

Written by Giles Merritt on 22 September 2017

Thanks to Brexit, the value of the European project is now coming into full view, says Friends of Europe Chairman

What might the German Election mean for Brexit?

Written by Alexander Fiuza on 22 September 2017

Angela Merkel's CDU party in coalition with the FDP would likely be the best result in assisting the UK's EU exit, argues Alexander Fiuza.

The state of denial about anti-Black racism in Europe must end

Written by Karen Taylor on 8 September 2017

The violence that erupted in Charlottesville was widely condemned in European political and media circles, but they are more reluctant to recognise or address similar issues closer to home, writes Karen Taylor.

Denis Macshane: There are many Brexits, not one

Written by Martin Banks on 5 September 2017

The UK's former Europe minister Denis Macshane explains why he believes Brexit may never happen.

Brexit: Money is where trouble lurks

Written by Andrew Duff on 22 August 2017

The Brexit talks cannot progress until a financial settlement is reached, says Andrew Duff.