Energy Policy: Citizens' trust essential for transition to a low carbon Europe

Written by Gert-Jan van der Panne and Olav Øye on 13 November 2015

To achieve European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's ambitious pledge to make Europe’s energy union "the world number one in renewable energies", the EU must gain citizens' trust, write Gert-Jan van der Panne and Olav Øye.

David Cameron and Europe: From posture to rupture

Written by Andrew Duff on 13 November 2015

The UK Prime Minister's Eurosceptic posturing on EU membership has been bad enough, but his latest demands, if followed through, could lead to a British rupture with Europe, warns Andrew Duff.

Migration Summit: EU must provide right short-term response while addressing underlying causes of the refugee crisis

Written by Richard Howitt on 11 November 2015

British S&D MEP, Richard Howitt reports directly from Malta on the key issues at the Valetta summit on migration.

David Cameron speech: Chances of Brexit remain high

Written by Denis MacShane on 11 November 2015

Denis MacShane wonders if the Prime Minister's renegotiation demands will result in a triumph that can be celebrated both at home and on the continent.

Bucharest nightclub tragedy can teach us valuable lessons

Written by Roberta Arbinolo on 4 November 2015

Roberta Arbinolo asks what can we learn from last week's Bucharest nightclub inferno.

EU leaders must act to protect journalists threatened with violence

Written by William Horsley on 4 November 2015

This year’s International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists highlights why the safety of journalists is vital to all our freedom, writes William Horsley.


Port services: A practical example of what's wrong with EU membership

Written by Dan Hannan on 22 October 2015

EU officials are all at sea over ports legislation, argues Dan Hannan.

Brexit: David Cameron's renegotiation strategy 'conflicting' and 'mystifying'

Written by Andrew Duff on 20 October 2015

David Cameron's promise of a Brexit referendum means treaty change is unavoidable, as are problems both in Brussels and London, writes Andrew Duff.

Brexit: David Cameron needs to convince Britain, not the EU

Written by Denis MacShane on 16 October 2015

British PM needs to make the case against Brexit in Birmingham and Bristol, not in Brussels, says Denis MacShane.


Refugee crisis: One step forward, two steps back

Written by Paolo Vacca on 16 October 2015

Instead of reinforcing the EU's response to the refugee crisis most of this week's council Summit was spent trying to convince reluctant member states to stick to the modest commitments they have already made, argues Paolo Vacca