Oman’s strategic importance

Written by Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat on 20 July 2018

China, India, US, served by Major Omani-European Ports Partnerships, writes Rio Praaning Prawira Adiningrat

Helsinki summit: Trump's meeting with Putin is simply an attempt at an easy win

Written by Yuriy Sheyko on 16 July 2018

Donald Trump has no clear objective for his Helsinki summit with Putin, writes Yuriy Sheyko.

Refugee crisis: Will the EU live up to its responsibility?

Written by Mariela Baeva on 13 July 2018

The terrible images of families being separated at the US-Mexico border have higlighted the plight of migrant children around the world, writes Mariela Baeva.

EU-India: Seizing India’s maritime security moment

Written by Antoine Levesques on 15 June 2018

Playing to India’s ambitions to become a responsible ‘Indo-Pacific’ maritime power is now the safest bet on the way to building a truly ‘strategic’ partnership, writes Antoine Levesques.

EU must stand up against Chinese oppression of ethnic and religious minorities

Written by Madi Sharma on 4 June 2018

The EU must stand up against Chinese oppression of ethnic and religious minorities, writes Madi Sharma.

EU must save Noura Hussein

Written by Madi Sharma on 25 May 2018

The EU must step in to save teenager sentenced to death for killing her husband as he attempted to rape her, writes Madi Sharma.

Is Berlin running the Brussels show?

Written by Henri Malosse on 16 April 2018

Germany's ever-expanding influence within the Brussels bubble is cause for concern, writes Henri Malosse.

For the good of Europe, Juncker must step down

Written by Madi Sharma on 9 April 2018

It’s time European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stepped down, writes Madi Sharma.

Frank de Winne: Space exploration requires international cooperation

Written by Margarita Chrysaki on 19 March 2018

ISS Commander Frank De Winne talks building villages on the moon, cooperation with China and more.

Will the SPD last in Germany's new grand coalition?

Written by Yuriy Sheyko on 5 March 2018

Germany's recent political turmoil has prompted renewal among the country's main parties - except for the SPD, writes Yuriy Sheyko.