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Françoise Grossetête

PM+: EU animal testing standards lead the world

13 May 2015

Responsibility and welfare on animal testing go hand in hand, argues Françoise Grossetête.

Animal health

PM+: Time to simplify complex EU animal medicine rules

11 May 2015

Cutting the red tape surrounding veterinary medicines will free up resources and bring new innovation, argues Rick Clayton of IFAH-Europe...

Medicated feed, animal welfare, animals

PM+: Harmonisation crucial to EU animal health review

4 May 2015

Medicated feed is an efficient and practical method of maintaining animal health, explains IFAH-Europe's Roxane Feller.

Innovation on a keyboard

PM+: Europe needs smart legislation, rather than double regulation

4 May 2015

European innovators need to focus on innovating, they should not be tied down, writes Paolo Falcioni.

Spirits, Alcohol

PM+: EU spirits taxes in need of review

29 April 2015

High tax rates on spirits in Europe don't always generate their expected revenues, warns Paul Skehan of spiritsEUROPE.


PM+: Malaria funding critical to elimination of disease

29 April 2015

EU is a key partner in the fight against Malaria, but must take greater role, argues Charles Nelson.


PM+: EU GMO policy undermining single market

24 April 2015

Europe's GMO rules are dysfunctional, says Garlich Von Essen.

Vaccination of farm animals

PM+: Red tape blocking EU animal health sector innovation

24 April 2015

The veterinary medicines sector is unfairly expected to follow the same procedures as the human sector, argues IFAH-Europe's Roxane Feller.

PM+: EU urged to implement action plan on illegal wildlife trade

22 April 2015

The Born Free Foundation's Will Travers argues that EU policymakers must move quickly to stem the tide of the growing global trade in wildlife trafficking.

Unemployed people queuing

PM+: Public-private partnerships can help drive down unemployment

22 April 2015

EU policymakers should support measures to enhance cooperation between public and private employment services argues Eurociett's Denis Pennel.

Animal health

PM+: EU's animal health sector 'essential' in fighting disease

21 April 2015

 Europe's animal health industry is committed, innovative and resilient, explains IFAH's Roxane...

Parkinson's Disease

PM+: MEP backs new Parkinson's awareness campaign

17 April 2015

Heinz Becker explains why he's backing plans to make Parkinson’s disease a priority health challenge for EU policymakers.


PM+: EU's energy union presents new challenges for consumers

13 April 2015

Europe's independent energy ombudsmen have a key role to play in fostering the relationship between the energy sector and its customers, explains Marine Cornelis.


PM+: EU must make 'concrete contribution' on preserving global agrobiodiversity

10 April 2015

Europe must play a leading role in the global effort to protect crop diversity, argues Marie Haga.

Oil refinery

PM+: Energy union plans 'like a glass half full', says industry chief

8 April 2015

EU policymakers will need to 'fill the glass' and build on the commission's initial energy union proposals, argues Chris Beddoes.

Health technology

PM+: Technology could help tackle Europe's obesity epidemic

2 April 2015

Better data protection rules needed to support personalised health technology, says Tim Lobstein...


PM+: Eliminating TB 'once and for all' in EU's sights

31 March 2015

Latvia's EU council presidency focus on eliminatingTB could not come at a better time, says Giovanni Battista Migliori.


PM+: Water and sanitation 'crucial elements' of EU circular economy

31 March 2015

Europe's water and sewerage services are in danger of being 'taken for granted' by policymakers, warns Carl-Emil Larsen.

Live animal exports

PM+: EU disregarding its own rules on animal exports

31 March 2015

Live animals export trade is marring the EU's reputation as a leader in animal protection, says Olga Kikou.