Farmers and industry voice "deep concerns" at EU Commission's proposed fertilizer regulation

20 October 2016

A group representing European farmers has voiced "deep concern" at some elements of the EU's new fertilizer regulation.

Bas Eickhout denies EU Parliament's dieselgate committee is a "cosmetic" exercise

19 October 2016

Former European industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani may be asked to reappear before Parliament's dieselgate inquiry committee because of “dissatisfaction” over his performance at an earlier hearing.


MEPs call for "full and immediate" EU ban on ivory trade

18 October 2016

MEPs have called for a "full and immediate" EU-wide ban on ivory and rhinoceros horn trade.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson slammed for Brexit U-turn

18 October 2016

UK foreign minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for writing a pro-EU article days before he publicly backed Brexit.

EU flags against a blue sky

Movers and Shakers | 17 October 2016

17 October 2016

Keep track of developments in the European institutions and public affairs with our movers and shakers column.


European Parliament President Martin Schulz says EU will 'not be held hostage' by Brexit

14 October 2016

EU Council President Donald Tusk warns there will be no cakes on the table for UK, only 'salt and vinegar'.

Ryan Ding

EU and China have a leading role to play in tomorrow's digital economy

14 October 2016

China and Europe must work together toward a single 5G standard, writes Ryan Ding.

Axel Eggert

Will revising the EU ETS encourage low carbon investment?

12 October 2016

Axel Eggert wonders whether the revision of the EU ETS will foster low carbon investment.

Jean Philippe-Azoulay

Policymakers must make evidence-based decisions on EU food production, argues Jean-Philippe Azoulay

7 October 2016

Real danger that politicians are sleep-walking into a food production crisis, warns crop protection industry chief


Moving treatments from hospitals to patients' homes key to sustainable healthcare

29 September 2016

Taking healthcare home is key to delivering sustainable treatment, writes Paul Leeflang.

Lars Ettarp IFPA

The global psoriasis community is at a historic crossroads

26 September 2016

The EU can play a key role in improving the lives of psoriasis sufferers, argues Lars Ettarp.

Irun Cohen

Crowdfunding can be a great tool for bio-based industries

26 September 2016

Irun Cohen explains why he utilised crowdfunding to finance therapies to tackle inflammatory bowel disease.

EU-Canada agreement

Greenpeace calls for EU parliament to stand against CETA

17 October 2016

MEPs who see TTIP as a danger must recognise the same faults in CETA, and stand on the side of the people they represent, argues Shira Stanton.

Cecilia Malmström listening to a speech

Malmström: Thailand sentence of labour rights campaigner casts "deep shadow" over reforms

17 October 2016

European trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has intervened in the case of  British human rights activist Andy Hall who was recently convicted for "blowing the whistle" on alleged labour abuses in Thailand.

Isabella Adinolfi

Copyright rules must benefit artists - not big business

17 October 2016

New rules on portability of content must ensure that citizens have free access to culture, all while respecting authors, says Isabella Adinolfi.

Catherine Stihler

Digital literacy skills are just as important as knowing how to read or write

17 October 2016

Coding will soon become essential to finding a job, so it's important to demystify these skills, says Catherine Stihler.

David Borrelli

5G is the future

14 October 2016

The EU must lay out a clear timeframe for transferring spectrum frequencies, or risk falling behind in the 5G race, warns David Borrelli.

11 October 2016

Stefan Eck on his passion for golf, why it's too soon to judge the EU's success and why he believes that rabbits are the forgotten species of EU animal welfare laws.

27 September 2016

Alyn Smith discusses the implications of Brexit, why he wants to become deputy leader of the Scottish National Party and why it's important that Scotland has eyes and ears in Europe.

26 September 2016

Vytenis Andriukaitis explains what challenges the EU can expect in the coming decades, how the Commission will be supporting the member states to keep their populations healthy, and addresses that viral tweet.

13 September 2016

Veteran MEP Pervenche Berès talks reconnecting the EU with its citizens, Barroso's betrayal and the key issues that must not be overlooked in the upcoming Brexit negotiations - should they happen.

14 July 2016

As Slovakia takes the helm of the EU Council presidency for the first time, Ivan Korčok talks to the Parliament Magazine about why the country will work to be an engine of positivity, and how it plans to unite a fragmented Europe.

Science overview

ShiFt happens, but it's not always good science

10 October 2016

Scientific revolutions may be on the horizon, but most of this shift isn't credible science or a step forward, argues Christopher J. Borgert.

Andrew Duff

Loss of UK MEPs an opportunity to enhance European Parliament's democratic legitimacy

1 September 2016

Brexit may well provide an unintentional boost to EU Federalist hopes of running pan-European transnational party lists at the 2019 European elections, writes Andrew Duff.

Jens Stoltenberg

Nato and cyber-attacks: Time to raise our game

29 July 2016

They may be invisible, but every day our countries face attacks in cyber-space. Nato is adapting to this increasing threat, writes Jens Stoltenberg.

Andrew Duff

Everything you need to know about Article 50 (but were afraid to ask)

5 July 2016

Most people will have never read a single article of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) before they stumbled recently across Article 50.

Henri Malosse

Brexit: EU urgently needs new treaty

1 July 2016

The Brexit referendum should be seen as an opportunity to reform Europe and place citizens at the heart of decision making, says Henri Malosse.

18 October 2016

UK foreign minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for writing a pro-EU article days before he publicly backed Brexit.

14 October 2016

EU Council President Donald Tusk warns there will be no cakes on the table for UK, only 'salt and vinegar'.

13 October 2016

British MPs have approved an opposition Labour Party motion calling on Theresa May’s government to give the UK Parliament the right to examine its negotiating strategy before Brexit talks that are set to start by the end of March.

12 October 2016

Northern Ireland's deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has warned the British government is on a "collision course" with the EU as a result of the Brexit vote and that Northern Ireland would be "collateral damage".

11 October 2016

Stefan Eck on his passion for golf, why it's too soon to judge the EU's success and why he believes that rabbits are the forgotten species of EU animal welfare laws.

10 October 2016

Supporting cities and regions and encouraging them to work together can restore confidence in Europe, writes Markku Markkula.

10 October 2016

MEPs will start scouring CCTV footage of Parliament as part of their investigation into the alleged attack on Ukip deputy Steven Woolfe.

7 October 2016

Ukip MEP Roger Helmer, meanwhile, has voiced sadness at the shock decision of party leader Diane James to stand down from her role just 18 days after she was elected.

13 July 2016

Get to know the entrepreneur and human rights activist.

19 October 2016

On October 17, the JURI Committee organised a workshop with National Parliaments on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – Ethical issues and regulatory approach. 

5 October 2016

On October 5th, the European Parliament held a Plenary debate to discuss the upcoming European Council meeting

13 September 2016

On September 12, the LIBE Committee held a hearing with Sir Julian King, the Commissioner-designate for the Security Union.

12 September 2016

On September 8 2016, the ENVI Committee held an exchange of views with Slovak Minister of Environment, Mr László Sólymoson the priorities and programme of the Slovak Presidency in the area of environment and climate change. Please find below a summary of the discussion.

11 July 2016

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini held a first exchange of views with MEPs on the recently published EU Global Strategy. The need for proper implementation was stressed during the debate.

21 June 2016

On June 20, the Environment Council discussed the NEC Directive. Please find below a summary of the debate.

8 June 2016

On June 8, the European Parliament discussed the mid-term review of the investment plan. Please find a summary below.

1 June 2016

Meeting in Brussels earlier this week, national ministers discussed reviewing the modernisation agenda for higher education.